Here you can find all the new features we have implemented.


2019 - Jan - 5

bug-fix Load jsx on some themes


2018 - Dec - 10

improvement Compatible with Wordpress 5.0


2018 - Dec - 4

improvement Update Sample Data

feature Custom css

bug-fix Minor css


2018 - Nov - 5

improvement Update BestBug Core v1.1.4.3

bug-fix minor css in Scene Builder

bug-fix cache css


2018 - Oct - 10

bug-fix minor js


2018 - Sep - 24

bug-fix Some fields can't save in scene settings.


2018 - Sep - 4

improvement Update BestBug Core v1.1.4.2


2018 - 8 - 4

bug-fix minor js


2018 - 8 - 3

improvement Performance

bug-fix conflict with Revolution Slider

bug-fix minor css


2018 - 7 - 3

feature Add Sequence Image settings in Scene

feature Add Sequence Image Repeat settings in Scene

feature Add "display" settings in Scene

improvement Disable Auto rotate from Bezier.


2018 - 6 - 29

improvement Update BestBug Core v1.1.3

improvement Documentation


2018 - 5 - 14

feature Add Custom Class CSS for Scene


2018 - 3 - 19

feature Add core

feature Add Point of execution for scene

feature Add Unit (px, % ...) for scene properties

improvement Update UI screen Add new scene

improvement Update UI screen All scenes

improvement Update UI screen Settings

improvement Update Documentation


2017 - 12 - 24

feature Reverse field in Scene setting

improvement All shortcodes

improvement Remove a few options

improvement Documentation


2017 - 11 - 30

feature Selector field in Scene setting

feature Custom Container field in Scene setting

feature Sort Scene in All-Scenes settings

feature Clone Scene in All-Scenes settings

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 10 - 1

feature Support Horizontal Scrolling

feature Support Multiple Direction Scrolling

feature Empty Space Shortcode

feature Single Image shortcode

feature Group Image shortcode

feature Scene property (width ,height ,zIndex ,position ,left ,top ,right ,bottom ,overflow)

improvement Icon of Scrollmagic shortcode

improvement Icon of Image-sequence shortcode

improvement ScrollMagic Options for ImageSequence

improvement Extra class name Options for ImageSequence

improvement Split Settings UI of Before and After Scrolling

improvement Demo Cafeshop

improvement Parallax

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 07 - 10

feature Preload images for SequenceImage shortcode

feature multi scenes for ScrollMagic shortcode

improvement category for ScrollMagic shortcode

improvement Sample data scenes

bug-fix Minor bugs user interface

bug-fix triggerhook for imagesequence shortcode

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 05 - 12

feature Option use ScrollMagic via Class css, (Now you can use for all Editor and Elements out of Page content)

feature On or Off ScrollMagic on mobile

feature Name ID

feature TriggerHook

feature PushFollowers

feature Style for range and switch button

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 04 - 28

feature Bezier

feature Smooth for Image-sequence

feature draw SVG

feature Image-sequence (GIF-like behaviour controlled by the scroll bar)

bug-fix Option for each elements

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 03 - 27

feature Scene Builder

feature Scene General Settings (Duration, offset, pin)

feature Scene Init Settings (TranslateX, TranslateY ,TranslateZ ,ScaleX ,ScaleY ,ScaleZ ,Rotate ,RotateX ,RotateY ,RotateZ ,SkewX ,SkewY ,Color ,Background Color ,Opacity)

feature Scene After scrolling Settings (TranslateX, TranslateY ,TranslateZ ,ScaleX ,ScaleY ,ScaleZ ,Rotate ,RotateX ,RotateY ,RotateZ ,SkewX ,SkewY ,Color ,Background Color ,Opacity)

feature Scene Ease Settings (Duration, Delay, Type ( 33 types ))

feature Scene Class toggle Settings (ON / OFF, Class CSS ( 75 classes ))

feature Support Mobile

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 03 - 03

feature Smooth Scroll mode

improvement UI Backend (all components)

bug-fix Show on Visual Composer’s Add Element dropdown

bug-fix minor javascript

bug-fix minor css


2017 - 02 - 07

feature Init.