Here you can find all the new features we have implemented.


2019 - March - 13

improvement Core 1.2.2


2019 - March - 1

feature Mega Menu Builder

feature Addon Background Color for Header Sticky

feature Option Mobile Breakpoint to Show & hide Header Mobile & Desktop

feature Add option Popup's Margin Top for Mini cart

feature Add option Background color, Text Color, Link Color, Link Color Hover for Slideout Sidebar

improvement Demo Pages

bug-fix Build CSS


2019 - 21 - Feb

feature Sample data

feature Overlay Option for Header Settings

feature Overlay Option for Row Settings

feature Revolution Slider module

bug-fix CSS border

bug-fix Save button on Safari


2019 - Feb - 8

feature Addon Plugin Demo for Developers

feature Mini cart shortcode

feature Mini cart icon library

improvement Row shortcode

improvement Menu shortcode

improvement Search shortcode

improvement "Empty space" shortcode

bug-fix Effect drag&drop


2019 - 25 - Jan

feature Init.